White BERO - Be The Robot™ (SKU12803)

BERO Robot performing Jingle Bells.

BERO – Be The Robot performing Jingle Bells. Check out realityrobotics.com for NEW Limited Edition BERO Robots (until quantities are gone) + Till December 31 don’t miss out on our Christmas Robot Sale. There’s FREE Worldwide shipping on all BERO Robots!

BERO – Be the Robot. Originally funded on Kickstarter, BERO robots are four-inch tall expertly-engineered-multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platforms that feature an advanced internal operating system for communicating an Android/Apple iOS smart device through Bluetooth™.

FREE WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING ON ALL BERO ROBOTS. Check out our NEW Limited Edition BERO robots (while quantities last).

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