LIMITED EDITION Light Blue BERO - Be The Robot™ - Programmable robot, Infrared optical navigation system, 5 motors, high quality light blue shell + FREE World-wide shipping!

Limited Edition BERO – Be The Robot (Light Blue)

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LIMITED EDITION BERO – Be The Robot™ Programmable Robot, Infrared Optical Navigation System, 5 motors, High Quality LIGHT BLUE Shell + FREE WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING!

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Product Description

A LIMITED EDITION four inch BERO – Be The Robot™ made from a high quality plastic MATTE LIGHT BLUE shell, loaded with:

Micro gearbox motors including:

  • Left track motion drive for moving around
  • Right track motion drive for moving around
  • Left arm with analog position sensor (hey!)
  • Right arm with analog position sensor (high five!)
  • Head turning left and right with analog position sensor (BERO says No!)
  • 6 LEDs for the eyes so it can have Knight Rider inspired scrolling lights
  • 2 LEDs for the headphones so they can light up to music!
  • Infrared optical navigation system, whereby BERO can autonomously navigate and “see” obstacles*! (will help in BERO not bumping into some things)*obstacles must be light colored
  • onboard 500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery (you gotta store food)
  • mini USB port for recharging the onboard LiPo battery (you gotta eat!)
  • ON/OFF Switch (go to sleep!)
  • Android and iOS smart device Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for full control of BERO (heck…who doesn’t wanna be mobile?)
  • Onboard advanced system on a chip (SOC) with updateable firmware, and updates, stored in onboard FLASH memory for taking care of low level program routines (kinda like DOS)
  • SD Card slot for program low level program routine updates and for storing motion tables and program instructions (SD card included!)
  • Onboard speaker for sound file playback from SD card

Also Includes:

  • Shipping box
  • Includes $50 EXPRESS COURIER WORLDWIDE shipping
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