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A screen capture of the BERO Robot DEMO showing how to program routines, add custom sound files & change motion data in a BERO robot.

BERO Robot DEMO – Program Routines, Sound Files & Motion Data

A BERO – Be The Robot demo: How to program the routines inside BERO robots, how to add custom sound files and how to change the motion data. BERO – Be the Robot. Originally funded on Kickstarter, BERO robots are four-inch tall expertly-engineered-multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platforms that feature an advanced internal operating system for communicating an Android/Apple iOS […]

BERO - Be The Robot (Full Dress)

Firmware, FREE Sound Clips & Christmas Music for BERO Robots

For NEW Firmware, FREE Sound clips & Music Files for BERO – Be The Robot: please click on the following download link (right click and save): bero-firmware-and-xmas-music_2013-12-16.zip Then do the following: 1) Unzip the files from the bero-firmware-and-xmas-music_2013-12-16.zip file onto your computer, 2) Turn your BERO robot off, 3) Remove the SD card from your […]